Anchor worms - please help

25 Feb 2018
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Hi guys,

I think my Tomini Tang has anchor worms. I always thought it was HLLE. It had exactly the same symptoms, erosion around the face and lateral line. But over the last few days I have noticed a few white worm-like looking things attached to its body and fins. The worm is a translucent white, up to about 1cm long and has a V shaped head/tail.

I thought this was impossible but apparently the anchor worms, or whatever it is, managed to survive 3 weeks of daily transfers with 3 treatments of PraziPro and KanaPlex respectively on alternating days, and continued observation for a total of 3 months of QT while I was setting up the tank.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the actual worms. The fish doesn't really like pictures. I'll try to take one and upload it here.


How do I handle the anchor worms and what medications can I use?