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    Lennard’s wrasse, Anampses lennardi, was one of the most sensational new fish to make it to the aquarium trade last year. What better way to kick off another year of original Reef Builders videos than with this stunning specimen of Anampses lennardi, a shining example of what makes this femininus-lookalike so worthy of our desire. The medium sized Lennard’s wrasse is already showing an amazing pattern of blue lines and yellow finnage which is rendered very well by a balanced ratio of LED striplights including SunBrite and TMC Aquaray colors. This is a great looking pro-biotic quarantine aquarium for this Lennard’s wrasse which also houses a cache of sand in a corner of the aquarium to cater to this wrasse’s unique sleeping needs. When watching this video be sure to click to maximum quality as watching this fish in HD should just about take your breath away.
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