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    403213_10150545392054706_32999209705_8569704_1491802669_n.jpg The newest specimen to hit LiveAquaria's diver's den on January 25th

    Anampses femininus*used to be a fish so rare and so legendary that obtaining one would certainly be very difficult. Whilst it is still very rare, its awesome to see that more are entering the market recently as compared to before. The specimen above is the third in two months that has entered LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den.

    21-300x300.jpg * 3-300x300.jpg

    Anampses_femininus1-300x262.jpg Male Amampses femininus being offered for sale in Japan

    LiveAquaria is not the only one to have gotten their fins on the highly sought after species. As mentioned before, Quality Marine scored with a gorgeous and even rarer male specimen, alongside with some other females. The Japanese market is also seeing its fair share of feminine wrasse, including the males, as reported by Taka Kamata. While the slight increase in appearance have made many wrasse aficionados very happy, the influx of feminine wrasses is still in the onesies and twosies. Still, it beats having one appear every other year or two. Or three. Like Anampses lennardi, the holy grail feminine wrasse is highly sought after yet a little more challenging to keep than your average Cirrhilabrus. We expect the steady stream of feminine wrasses to decline after awhile, as with the lennardi wrasse, but we hope to see more the next time they re-appear. Here’s a fantastic shot of feminine wrasses schooling in the wild.

    5893137862_14ec16cd52_b.jpg A group of female Anampses femininus. Picture by flickr user Pedro Henrique Pereira.

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