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    Its been a great year so far for ‘deepwater acro’ lovers, AquaSD scored a super sweet and rare Acropora derawanensis just last August and we spotted an Acropora elegans in Route 66 Marine’s tank last month at MACNA. This time around Happy Coral got hold of a very nice Anacropora puertogalerae. Although*A. puertogalerae is not nearly as rare as the corals we mentioned above, it is still a very impressive like ‘deepwater acros’ with a very unique growth form, and very unique tiny polyps.

    Anacropora are generally relatively easy to take care for and grow as weeds in our experience, so we expect*similar*care for this coral as well. Another exciting thing about this coral is that it appears to be on a mariculture plug, which would mean that we might see more of these enter to trade pretty soon. The*Anacropora puertogalerae*above should be for sale soon on Happy Coral’s website.
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