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8 May 2007
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While the rest of the world is currently going gaga for shrooms and fuzzy sticks, we’re rekindling our love interest with Montipora. In some ways, the multicolored polyps and nodules and growth forms of various Montipora species was strongly responsible for the second wave of coral frag collectoritis since it was easy to come up with so many new strains.

Montipora are easy to keep, will grow and look great under a wide range of aquarium conditions, and they’re incredibly easy to frag. If your water parameter values are generally good but your montis are lacking a little glow, offer them a little bump of Magnesium and Potassium and you’ll probably see the tissue thicken and the polyps come back in bloom pretty quickly.

Lately there’s been a renaissance in funky new Montipora strains like the Beach Bum and Phoenix Montis, and we’re even seeing a surge in the demand for tried and true Montis like the Mind Trick and the old school true Undata. With the newfound abundance of killer looking montis around, we’ve taken a really close look at what makes these corals such great aquarium species, and we hope you’ll truly enjoy this intimate look at this fascinating group of corals.

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