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8 May 2007
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As a region, Denver and the surrounding central-area of Colorado is gifted with more than its fair share of high quality aquarium stores. Freshwater fish, saltwater fish, corals and reef tanks are all very well represented across the front range of the Colorado Rockies.

With Denver hosting MACNA 2014 and being the home of the annual ReefStock aquarium conference, yearly reef aquarium visitors already know that Denver is killing it on the aquarium front. And indeed it is to distribute flyers for the upcoming ReefStock 2016 conference that we performed our annual two-day LFS crawl and saw lots of everything that makes aquarium-keeping fun and exciting.

We saw super rare fish at Stone Aquatics, sprawling coral selections at Aquatic Art, some great nano tanks at Elite Reef, and much, much more and the highlights are documented in our active Instagram feed. No matter your aquarium preference, fish stores in the Denver-area are full of great aquariums and displays, and if you’re coming to Denver for ReefStock you’ll definitely want to take some time to visit a few of them.

The neon hogfish is a #deepwater #Hawaii #endemic #coralreeffish #bodianus #hogfish #saltwaterfish #wrasse

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