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    When we started watching this video we thought we were watching just another kinda nice underwater dive video but the footage turned exceptional, pretty quickly. In lieu of broad sweeping panoramic video of the entire reef, this video from Undersea Productions is particularly intimate, with lots of close ups of familiar aquarium reef life.*Dottybacks, crabs, nudibranchs and blennies are all given equal amounts of attention and you can see how these recognizable reef creatures look in their natural environment.

    Between the crinoid swimming, the frogfish hopping and the little adorable baby fish, there’s lots in this video to make you go ‘Woah’. Heck even the footage of the purple firefish is the best looking*Nemteleotris decora video we’ve probably ever seen – and it’s only a few seconds long. If you need a little coffee break, a little moment to let your brain unwind, this completely SFW video is your quick 5-minute getaway to underwater Indonesia.

    Diving in Alor and Flores (Indonesia) underwater footage on Vimeo
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