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8 May 2007
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Today’s featured reef is a gorgeous Aqua Medic Cubicus all in one aquarium, set up in the offices of Aqua Medic USA. This little tank is slightly tweaked from the stock Cubicus aquarium, with different lights and flow, and it is painted with colors from vivid corals from one side of the glass tank to the other.

Aqua Medic USA of today is not the same company it used to be, and that is obvious when you first walk into their Loveland CO warehouse and are greeted by this exemplary reef tank. The american arm of the venerable European aquarium company has been hobbyist-owned for the last couple of years and in that time they’ve made some big changes to how they do business, not the least of which is branching out into coral sales with Aqua Medic Live.

Not only is the entire Aqua Medic Live facility equipped with as much of their own products as possible, but they’ve also put their products together into this killer reef tank. The Aqua Medic Cubicus is a 37 gallon glass aquarium with built in filtration in the back, included LED lighting panel and integrated flow and circulation pump.

Recognizing that the AquaReefLED included in the Cubicus is not quite up to snuff of more demanding reefers, Aqua Medic USA has instead replaced it with two Kessil LED spotlights, one deep blue A150 and one controllable A160, the latter of which is timed using the Kessil Spectral Controller. Furthermore, the included NanoProp 5000 has been upgraded to an EcoDrift 8.0 with better overall flow, and improved controllability of flow speeds.

No matter what is running this little reef tank, the entire setup, tank and stand looks ridiculously great, with modern design and classy straight lines which are coming back into fashion in higher end glass aquariums. But what truly makes this tank is the incredible ‘bouquet’ of colorful and diverse soft and stony corals.

Only a modicum of live rock is used in the aquascape, allowing a wide range of corals to flourish, and there is a whole lotta contrasting colors in this little reef tank. Zoanthids next to chalice corals next to green star polyp, green polyp leather, and flower anemones all make for quite an eye catching display. The Aqua Medic USA Cubicus reef is also home to some exotic coral species including branching Favites complanata, a killer neon green cabbage leather coral and other oddballs like Turbinaria heronensis and Homophyllia bowerbanki round out the coral population.

It’s cool to make interesting and practical aquarium products for the reef aquarium market, but if you just spend time in a warehouse with dry products and never put them to use, you’ll lose sight of what you are making and selling, and why. Aqua Medic USA runs counterculture to this paradigm with all owner-operators being avid reef hobbyists, and really loving what they do in the aquarium hobby, and how their products are a part of it.

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