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8 May 2007
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Any casual or regular reader of Reef Builders’ pages will no doubt be well acquainted with the powerhouse of marine fish breeding that is Bali Aquarich. Mr. Wen-Ping Su and associates have pioneered the first captive breeding of so many new species of marine angelfish that it’s not even a competition with any other entity on the planet.

Being a hot bed of activity, Bali Aquarich has drawn us to visit their location in person on many occasion, and we recently gave them one more visit in Bali this year, just for good measure. Some notable highlights of Bali Aquarich’s very big year include the first captive bred flagfin angelfish, passer angelfish, majestic angelfish, as well as the regular production of their exquisite Clarion angelfish.

Also high on the list is the first ever captive hybrid of Pacific Ocean Pomacanthus, Martin Moe crossed Grey and French angels way back in the day, but the resulting emperor x annularis cross is arguably so much cooler. While they were at it, Bali Aquarich also hybridized goldflake and flagfin angelfish for good measure, just to make sure their list of accolades was unforgettable for 2015.

And just to keep up with the Joneses, or in this case the Baensches, Bali Aquarich has recently announced their successful rearing of the lemonpeel angelfish. Centropyge flavissima was the first ever captive bred pygmy angelfish, and only the second captive bred species of angelfish period, after Karen Brittain’s original masked angelfish babies from the 15 years ago or so.

With such an insane track record of progress, we can’t even imagine what Bali Aquarich will put out for 2016. One fish which is already bred and now growing out, is the first F2 generation of any captive bred Pomacanthid, with F2 Maze Angelfish already growing out. These fish should be just as exciting as their parents, if not more so, and we really look forward to seeing how these grow up, and everything else that Bali Aquarich will wow us with for 2016.

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