RSS AM650 photos give a close up of the build quality of the new Sicce LED

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    The first few product shots of the Sicce LED were barely enough to tease us with something special to see to look at. *Maybe it’s the svelte design, or the use of low power white and high power blue LEDs, or maybe it’s simply the trusted Sicce name, but whatever the case, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the exciting new lights from Italy. We dug up some real nice close up shots of the Sicce LED AM650 and we’re sure you won’t mind us sharing them with you.*

    The glass and aluminum construction thing has been done before in LED aquarium lights but something about the way Sicce’s put their new LED light together appears rather novel. If these new close up shots of the Sicce LED AM650 are any indication, this sexy Italian light may outshine many others of its kind in design and in fit and finish. Now we just need to know exactly what kind of LEDs are under that hood, and to see how the white and blue light blends in real life over aquarium corals. [GNC]



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