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    There seems to be a common theme in the French reef aquarium industry of very high standards. Using blue lights to sell corals for example is highly frowned upon and virtually isn’t done. Similarly, the makers Alpheus LED have put some serious effort into the science behind their fixtures. From complex flux graphs to angular displacement graphs of the lenses, the Alpheus website has it all.

    Spending the time to provide so many complex details of an LED fixture, a product that the manufacturer is trying to sell and make as much profit on as possible, it is nearly unthinkable in the United States. Most consumers are happy if they get a glace on the spectrum graph or a par graph, something that is changing, but still.

    recif 09 11 2012 - YouTube

    Wading through all the data, it can be easy to miss the actual pictures, but the website has a page dedicated to the gallery (which can be found here).* Beside pictures of the fixtures, it is here all Alpheus is also showcasing some of their results. The video above is a system exclusively illuminated by Alpheus LED fixtures for example. The photo below is additionally of a Alpheus illuminated system. It goes without saying that we are impressed.


    Now for the technical specifications of the fixtures. The basic form factor of the Alphues fixtures are LED bars with single rows of LEDs and lenses, but it seems Alpheus can make you a very appealing housing akin to the Ecoxotic panorama pro fixture housing if you care to purchase more than one bar. Every bar consist of a basic black heatsink structure to which the LEDs are attached.

    Beside that actual LED brands (both philips and Cree are offered) and color combinations along with lenses are up to you select. The Alpheus LED bars are available in three sizes including 15, 20, 24, 28 and 32.5 inches (38.5, 49.5, 61, 72, and 83 cm) which retail for $200, 235, 300, 370 & 400 respectively (149, 175, 225. 275, and 299 euros).











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