Almost ready to start up!

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by Creep, 7 Apr 2010.

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    30 Dec 2009
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    Hi guys, Ok I can finally start up my tank this coming weekend afer nearly a year I’m just waiting for my sump.

    I want to give this a try. Don’t know if "try" is a good choice of word after all the money I spent on this so far.

    After I bought the tank and all the stuff and doing my research it all sound so complicated- the lights, flow rates, size of dsb, cooling, compatibility of the inhabitants, [FONT=&quot]different opinion[/FONT]s and and and... Think I will find some clarity once I start up. Hope i dont kill someting.

    My tank is going to be dark for the maturation period. I heard that it matures faster.

    Any good books for more research before I start up?
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    25 Jun 2009
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    get it running and learn from that point onwards, many things started making sense after i saw some stuff happening, mine is running 2 months now.
    my tank was 'dark' the last 2 months, only added lights last weekend, dont know if things happen faster but my params was stable after 4 weeks except nitrate which is slowly kreeping upwards but i think it is due to my DSB and LR not being completely ready yet.

    there is some books by Julien Sprung, the 3-volume series but they are expensive, like R700 a book, but they are good for people like me who doesnt have a degree in marine biology cause they easy to read and understand, just hard to get them

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