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24 May 2007
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North of Durban and South of Mozambique
I Suppose this is not the right place for this thread, but please feel free to move if not in the right place Mods. I just thought, to place it under sponsors, I can have them look at it.

I Started my big tank and it will be finished in the first (Hopefully-if the wife doesn't have more crazy ideas) week of September and I need to ask if it is possible to look at my thread - http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=621 - to maybe source the corals I am after so that it can be here (if you have to order) by the 02nd week of September. Please, as I have not received any of the ones shown in my thread.

I will have money left over from the alterations of my house and tank, so if order is big, please let me know in advance regarding price as I can then budget for it .:helpsmilie:

Thank you

Sean Koekemoer
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