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8 May 2007
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All in one aquarium kits are extremely popular with consumers a trend that has been increasing over the last several years. The trend is no doubt brought on by the vast amount of product combinations available on the market today and especially true in the saltwater aquarium niche in the overall market.

These aquarium kits are very important to the health of the industry. Not only are they relatively cheaper to enter the hobby but they can be likened to the gateway drug of the larger hobby as a whole. Who of you started with an aquarium kit only to go much larger and more importantly spent more on a larger system?

The original Red Sea Max 130 and 250 started the all in one aquarium kit craze for the saltwater market.

It’s important for stores to stock a wide variety of these kits ranging in size from 5 gallons on up to 75+ gallons as customers have different budgetary restrictions. Guiding them in the introductory period of having a tank is critical to the long-term success and instills maintenance routines they will carry on to their next major purchase.

Red Sea Max e Series released in 2014

The Max 250 really set the bar for other saltwater kits that entered the market later and eventually Red Sea released a Max C series, which was a modest upgrade to the expanding product line. All of the kits sold out in their initial production runs with the United States competing for product from Europe and Asia and long wait times were communicated to dealers.

As consumers learned more about proper husbandry they were ready to upgrade their kits either with additional life support equipment in the form of controllers, calcium reactors or different life stock and some upgraded to a larger kit or piece built system. In 2015, Red Sea started to ship the E series a significantly upgraded kit with several features that consumers demanded: LED lighting, sump, and unique baffling.

Overall aquarium kits have greatly increased market penetration for the hobby.
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