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Discussion in 'Sponsor Specials' started by Moolis Moolman, 6 May 2016.

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    Hi all hobbyists,

    Yes this is not as typing mistake [​IMG]


    This promotion is only till 2016/05/31

    So order your custom-built aquarium NOW!!!!

    This promotion is on all our pre-manufactured aquariums as well:
    1F was R77 now ONLY R53-90

    1 1/2F wasR131 now ONLY R91-70

    2F wasR295 now ONLY R206-50

    3F was R559 now ONLY R391-30

    4F was R1380 now ONLY R966-00

    1200*500*500 was R2855-00 now ONLY R1998-00
    1200*600*600 was R4470-00 now ONLY R3129-00

    1500*500*500 was R3410-00 now ONLY R2387-00
    1500*600*600 was R5300-00 now ONLY R3710-00

    1800*500*500 was R3965-00 now ONLY R2775-00
    1800*600*600 was R6140-00 now ONLY R4298-00

    2500*500*500 was R5265-00 now ONLY R3685-00
    2500*600*600 was R8085-00 now ONLY R5659-00
    This is all in clear silicon and include a manufacturing guarantee
    But call us on 012-751 2432 or 012-329 8965 for your own quote

    PS Black silicon is also available
    1F was R108 now ONLY R75-60
    1 1/2F was R185 now ONLY R129-50
    2F was R385 now ONLY R269-50
    3F was R726 now ONLY R508-20
    4F was R1794 now ONLY R1288-80

    Custom Black aquarium prices on request

    First come first served.

    So do not procrastinate come to Pet Stop NOW!!!
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    Moolis Moolman

    Moolis Moolman Pet Stop SA Sponsor

    15 Dec 2007
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    Guys only days left to act on this.!
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