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    I have mastered the art of PVC and now want to build an algae scrubber. Question is, where does it go?

    1) i could plumb it into my overflow but that means water goes through the scrubber before the skimmer, sandbed and chaeto. is this a good idea?

    2)plumb it into my return, 2400L return pump and 200L DT, plumbing it into return means decreased return rate but is this a better idea?

    3) plumb in with a completely seperate pump in the chamber after skimmer but before DSB, which means more electricity, more potential disaters and more money but worth it?
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    First you need to decide how big (particularly how wide) you want it. Then determine how much flow you will need for it. and from there you can determine how to get the water to it.

    heres a great FQA for you and will give you a good guide line for desigining an ATS for your system.

    Algae Scrubbers • View topic - ALGAE SCRUBBER FAQ (August 2010)

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