Alfie's 1.2m

5 Oct 2007
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Cape Town
Here are photos of my tank that I started in March.


Thanks guys. Zookeeper I am only learning to use the camera. It is a Nikon D40X. Here are a couple more Photo's
Tank looks great. Wish I could take pics like that.
Wow nice tank, hard to believe its only a 1,2m, please supply some info on equipment [skimmer, lighting, CArx etc] being used and info on the live stock.
Thanks Alan, I should have posted the specs etc.

Tank 1.2 x 450 x 450
Sump 1,1 X 350 X 450
Lighting 4 x 54w AM whites, 4 x 54w ATI blue plus
4 x Tunze circulating
OR 3500 uplift
AM Blue 5000 skimmer
AM Kalk Stirrer
AM Calcium Reactor with controller and Probe
AM Carbon,Phosphate and sulphur reactors
UV Light and Ozoniser

I dose Trace, Strontium and Iodine once a week, with 2 teaspoons of Kalk once a week through Automatic top up. My parameters are: Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, PH 8.2, dKH 8, PO4 0.02, salinity 1.023. I do a 45l water change once a week(Seachem Reef Salt) with RO water.
Very nice toys you got on the system, i like the amount of lighting and water flow, well done.
Are you running your ozone through a controller?
Are you running your ozone through a controller?
Thanks guys. Viper I am running an MV controlloer set at 400. Couple of months ago I suddenly got White Spot and I put up a 11w UV which I run permanently and I also got the Ozone. When I started the MV probe read 48. I set the controller to 450 and the ozoniser ran constantly for about a week to get to 450, i then adjusted it to 400. Now I notice that in the day with all the lights on it drops in the afternoon to about 192 and during the night it gos up again. The unit only runs until the reading gets back to 400.
Alan as far as lifish is concerned I don't have a lot.
1 X Yellow Tang
1 x Regal
1 x Chromis
3 X blue Damsels
1 x bi colour Goby
2 x Common Clowns
2 x Diamond back sandsifters
2 x Clarke's Annemonefish
1 x cbb
1 x Cleaner shrimp
2 x star fish
20 snail mixed
20 hermit crabs mixed
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