Aiptasia eating file fish

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    Hi everyone,

    Just like to share my happiness about this fish. I bought an aiptasia eating file fish from a fellow reefer 5 days ago.

    This little guy has got lots of character and immediately started staring at the aiptasia in my tank. I didn't have a lot, maybe about 7 really huge ones.

    A couple of small ones have been eaten by the copperband butterfly.

    They are all gone now in a matter of days! Yesterday I bought a coral frag from my local lfs and it had a fair sized aiptasia on it. The frag wasn't in the tank for 10 minutes and the the file fish munched the aiptasia. I actually put it on the substrate in the front of the tank so I could see when he eats it.

    I have previously tried the vinegar route, but it is not always successful. Sometimes the aiptasia just retracts and surfaces again a couple of days later. Some are also in impossible spots. I did manage to kill some with the vinegar (when it retracts and lots of bubbles appears from the hole).

    Just wanted to share this so if you are interested in getting rid of aiptasia, this little guy will help you out!

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