RSS AI Vega relieves the AI Phoenix as official name of the new AquaIllumination LED ligh

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    AI-vega-phoenix-led.jpg The AI Vega LED is now the official name for the "Phoenix", which was a codeword all along

    The AI Vega LED light is what AquaIllumination has decided to call its forthcoming LED light which has until now simply been called the AI Phoenix. The AI Phoenix conjures up images of a fiery bird, rising from*the*ashes, a new generation of brightness but to students of the celestial bodies the AI Vega is a much better name, one they should have started out with to begin with.*

    Vega is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, part of the Lyra constellation and now it shares its name with the very bright AI Vega LED aquarium reef light. Vega was also widely used in the study of light and it served as a “baseline for calibrating the*photometric*brightness scale” so we can see why Aqua Illumination chose the AI Vega LED as the new final name (we hope). There’s already a ton of different things using the Phoenix moniker so we can see where Aqua Illumination is going with it, an Vega was a really awesome character in the Street Fighter video game.
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    Looks awesome. Will find out when we can expect in SA.

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