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    The AI Vega Blue and Vega Color LED reef aquarium lights are finally here with a full feature set to help the AI Vega follow in the footsteps of the wildly-popular AI Sol LED. Aqua Illumination’s newest creation will come in two iterations, the AI Vega Color and the AI Vega Blue, both in either white or black colored bodies. As we learned in the promotional video for the AI Vega Color, the Vega now has 20 channels of control, so all 20 LEDs can do whatever you want them to, independently of the others. The other*LED light will be known as the AI Vega Blue and as of this morning we’ve learned that this light will be a little different than originally announced.*

    Whereas it was originally spec’d to have a Cree XM-L Cool White*for the center of each puck with two blue and two royal blue LEDs around it, the AI Vega Blue is going a little off the deep end of the blue pool by substituting four of the blues for Oslon Deep Blues. We like our blue a little deeper than the regular blue LEDs provide, so retaining the royal blues and adding some deep blue with an emission peak of 445-450nm, 10 to 15nm less then royal blue, is exactly what we would want from a nice contemporary blue and white LED reef light.*So the final count for the AI Vega Blue is four cool white XML, eight royal blues, four blues and four deep blue LEDs.

    The AI Vega Color will come in a configuration preloaded with a taste of the rainbow with numerous LED colors. The final count of LEDs in the AI Vega Color will be four*Cree XM-L Cool White, six*Cree XP-E Royal Blue, four*Cree XP-E Blue, four*OSRAM OSLON Deep Blue, one Cree XP-E Green and one*OSRAM OSLON Deep Red.

    All versions of the AI Vega — the Vega Color and the Vega Blue in all colors — will cost $499 retail and come loaded with wireless control, although the existing AI Sol controller will not be able to control the AI Vegas.*As we learned with AI’s PowerPuck program you will be able to further fine tune the color configuration of individual pucks for either the AI Vega Color or the Vega Blue with new pucks starting out around $50.

    AI has also put together an upgrade path for current AI Sol owners who will have the ability to transform their Sol for $250 to $300, which includes a lot of new components and is just a little more than half the cost of a new AI Vega. Aqua Illumination expects to be shipping the AI Vega to distributors in August, so it’s just a matter of time before we can all get some action with the exciting new AI Vega Color and Vega Blue.
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