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    AquaIllumination has formally announced a Vega Upgrade Kit to let all the Sol users out there get some next-gen LED action as well. Using the heatsink, fan and power supply of the AI Sol, the Upgrade Kit brings new lenses, new LED PowerPucks, four new 4-channel drivers, a main board and a plastic enclosure to keep it all in.

    We’ve got to hand it to AquaIlllumination for consistently offering upgrade paths from one generation to the next. The AI Sol and AI Nano both are eligible for wireless control with the*AI Adapter, way back when the Sol was launched*AI had an upgrade*for what was then simply called the AI LED and now the Sol is game for getting the Vega makeover.

    AquaIllumination*has just thrown up a webpage where you can pre-order the Sol –> Vega Upgrade Kit direct from AI for $200 + shipping and handling which will be shipping out this month. The Vega Upgrade Kit will come in the Blue or Color iteration and perhaps we will even be able to order custom colored AI PowerPucks to fine tune the spectrum even further.

    Two hundred bucks seems cheap to upgrade all the existing LEDs on an AI Sol so getting newer diodes and everything to run them for that price is a no brainer of an upgrade, especially for those of us who’ve been running AI Sols for a long time. Of course you’ll still need to get the new AI Controller separately to wirelessly program your Vega-fied AI Sol, or you could hold out for the AI Director to do more programming on a big screen laptop.

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