RSS AI Sol and Vega LEDs get a massive deployment at DeJong Marinelife

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    DeJong Marinelife is a world-class wholesaler that has gotten a lot of love from Reef Builders for good reasons. We got a look into DeJong Marinelife’s operations through a video two years back, but since then they’ve made the switch to all AquaIllumination LEDs and their fixtures of choice: the AI sol and Vega LEDs.

    Previously DeJong was using 9,648 watts of high ouput T5 fluorescent bulbs and 9,600 watts of metal halide power. That power consumption was more than halved by going all LED with a new total lighting power consumption of 8,255 watts spread across 87 Sol Blue, 16 Vega color and six AI nano LED fixtures.

    For the SPS system 44 AI Sol Blues, along with 12 Vega colors replaced 72 x 54w T5 bulbs and 72 x 80w T5 bulbs. For the LPS system, 43 AI Sol Blue, 4 Vega Color, and 6 AI nano fixtures were used to replace 14 x 400 watt metal halide bulbs and 4 x 1000 watt metal halide bulbs. DeJong Marinelife has told us they are very happy with the changes, and that they prefer color spectrum of a mix of the Vega and Blue. All the AquaIllumination fixtures are run at full intensity and are only programmed to turn on and off.

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