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8 May 2007
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The Prime Flex Arm is a just-announced new method for simply and safely securing your AI Prime LED over your aquarium. The Prime Flex Arm is a high quality gooseneck mount which gives the Prime an incredible degree of freedom in placement near light-hungry corals and plants.

When the AI Prime launched it was accompanied by two different possibilities for mounting the AI Prime LED, a hanging option and a fixed solid arm, both of which we loved for their use of a pivoting head to precisely adjust the light to your desired angle. The use of a gooseneck mount seemed like the most obvious solution to use with this lightweight of a light, and now that option is made possible from AI with the Prime Flex Arm.


The Prime Flex Arm is made of the highest quality gooseneck with a silicone coating that will protect it from moisture while keeping the whole assembly very classy. The new flexible mount will be available in two lengths, a 12 inch Prime Flex Arm for $24.99 and an 18 inch Prime Flex Arm for $29.99. Both models also include clips for managing the power cable leading to the AI Prime LED.

The base of the Prime Flex Mount has a versatile clamping base which can accomodate both rimmed and rimless tank, for maximum versatility. We already loved the AI Prime for use both as a standalone light for small tanks, and as an accent light for larger tanks. With the Prime Flex Arm the powerful little LED light will be usable with even more aquariums making sure it can shed light on all the hard to reach dark areas of your tank.

Don’t forget, you have until April 1st to enter our contest to win an AI Prime LED of your very own!

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