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    The AI PowerPuck is a new program for future AI Vega owners which will allow you to custom select the LED colors of an AI Vega fixture after you buy it. Using the Color Configuration tool on the AquaIllumination website, you will be able to pick the colors of a single PowerPuck with three choices of white for the center LED and seven choices of LED colors for the radially located LEDs. A spectral graph next to the AI PowerPuck color configuration tool also changes spectrum as you make your selection of LED colors so you know exactly what kind of light distribution you’ll be getting before you swap into the AI Vega.*

    Once you have your AI vega, it will be cool for users to be able to get to know the stock cool white and two shades of blue LEDs for a little while over their reef tank. After learning what you and your corals like in terms of brightness and color, you’ll be able to custom-select LED colors of AI PowerPucks and fine tune the spectrum for specific results. AN added bonus of the AI PowerPuck is that they will come preconfigured to tell the main controller of your AI Vega which colors are riding which channels and positions so the installation of AI PowerPucks will be virtually plug and play.

    SPS coral junkies might opt to select an AI Powerpuck with cool white LEDs, with blue, royal blue and little bit of red/deep red for maximum PAR. Chalice and Acanthastrea coral keepers may select AI PowerPucks with Warm white center LEDs and a little bit of each color for maximum spectral distribution and gaudy coloration. Meanwhile, our blue-addicted reefing*brothers*on the West Coast will certainly try to overdose on Cool and Neutral white center LEDs and each of the four blue shades of blue and UV LED colors offered by the AI PowerPucks.

    It’s still to be determined when the AI Vega will actually be released to the world but with the new AI EXT mounting system, wireless daisy chaining, 20 channels of color control found in the AI Color and the new AI PowerPuck service, AquaIllumination is keeping the AI Vega full of innovations before its release.*With the AI PowerPuck Vega owners will have a guaranteed upgrade path and an industry-leading roadmap for what high-performance reef aquarium LED lights will be able to do.

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