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    ai-nano-reef-led-4.jpg With the included mounting bracket, the AI Nano LED is on in sixty seconds


    The AI Nano LED is part spotlight, part nano-fixture, and all high end LEDs with custom engineered lenses and an easy, intuitive touch-sensitive color control. The combination of the Cree XM cool white and Cree XP blue and royal blue LEDs has just the right quantity and quality of light to make coral colors pop over area of 20 to 24 inches squared. Although the AI Nano has a slightly different light engine under the hood, the output of light is very similar in quality and appearance as the AI Sol LED. The AI Nano LED light has tight optics, a black mounting arm and small fixture whcih really help to draw attention away from the source of the light, and directs it towards the live corals in this reef aquarium. After the break is a long series of pictures showing the AI Nano LED doing its thing over an EcoMini 28 gallon reef tank.

    ai-nano-reef-led.jpg Since all of the light of the AI Nano LED comes from a small area, it creates hard shadows. The coral colors really fluoresce well and the tank has a slightly blueish cast overall.

    mame-nano-reef-led.jpg By contrast, the Mame Ecolight which a softer shadow margins with a more even light distribution. The color is more balanced, not as blue with strong reds, pinks and orange but definitely less fluorescent than the AI Nano

    ai-nano-reef-led-2.jpg What mounting arm?

    ai-nano-reef-led-6.jpg just the Cree XPE blue LEDs

    ai-nano-reef-led-5.jpg just the Cree XPE royal blue LEDs

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