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    The highly anticipated Hydra 52 from Aqua Illumination will make its debut in the Asian market sooner than you think! Reef Depot from Singapore is set to release the AI Hydra and the AI Director this December 14th during the launch party which will coincide with their open house.


    Reef Depot previously teased the AI Hydra during the 2013 Aquarama, and are one of the first wholesalers in Asia with the product *set to release it during their launch party. Concentrating more on wholesale now and less on retail, Reef Depot has also set up another Asian arm with D-D The Aquarium Solution.

    The AI Director*will also set to debut alongside the Hydra. As part of the launch event, an AI Director is up for grabs in a lucky draw. We’ll be sure to cover the launch of the AI Hydra as well as the AI Director in the coming weeks. The wait is almost over.
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