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    The EXT light rail*is the Aqua Illumination solution to mounting your AI Sol or AI Vega. Whether you want to use it as a mounting bracket or if*you want to suspend two fixtures from the same hanging kit, the AI EXT is a very solid way to go. The EXT light rail can be used in two configurations: as a way to mount your fixture on the back of your tank, or in the case you just get the rail, as a way to attach two fixtures together. Made out of*extruded aluminum the AI EXT rail is every bit heavy duty, and with color options in black or silver it is sleek and industrial looking. Supplementing the fixture perfectly with it’s sharp lines, we definitely are a big fan of the EXT form factor.

    The AI EXT rail comes in three lengths, 6 inches, 12 inches, and in case your system is really big even 18 inches. For the tank mount configuration you’ll want to stick with a 6 inch of 12 inch rail, unless your system is really massive and 12 inches is not enough to cover the center of the display. For the dual hanging mount configuration, you’d probably would want to stick with the 6 inch or 12 inch as well unless you are looking for really wide spacing between your AI LED lights. Each rail comes in pretty impressive packaging (pictured below), which is a nice touch and should prevent any shipping damage.


    The EXT light rail is designed to slide right onto your AI Vega into a track build into the heatsink, and it can accept bolts from the AI Sol. Because the EXT rail slides right into the heatsink, the rail is flush in perspective to the fixture. A significant detail that makes it clear that the rail is absolutely not an afterthought, but a thoughtfully engineered accessory to the LED light. It should be noted however that the rail can only be mounted parallel to the heatsink, which means that you won’t *be able to mount your AI EXT bracket perpendicular to the fixture. This aspect of the AI Vega’s orientation with the EXT rail means that you can’t mount the Vega parallel to the aquarium if the EXT support bracket is mounted on the back of the tank/stand.


    The rail, if used as a mounting bracket, consists of just three main pieces. The rail, a support rail which is attached to the stand, and a bracket used to attach the secondary rail to the stand. Everything simply slides together and is kept in place by some simple screws. The whole setup is very intuitive and should come together in a matter of minutes. Simply slide the rail into the heatsink and the support rail, and tighten the screws. Then attach the support rail to the stand with the included mounting bracket, and your all set. *Beside the included Allen key you will need a Philips screwdriver, but otherwise there is no need to bust out your toolbox.


    If you are looking for a way to mount you AI fixture without a hanging kit, the EXT rail is everything you could hope for. It is unfortunate that the rail does not allow perpendicular mounting, but that would have sacrificed the aesthetics of the fixture, it is a fair trade off. The EXT rail can be ordered through your favorite retail location today, and retails at*$24.95 for 6 inches,*$29.95 for 12 inches and*$34.95 for 18 inches.








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