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    AI Director is a new software product from AquaIllumination which appears to be apps for iPhone, iPad & Android for programming AquaIllumination LED lights. Through these tablet and smartphone apps as well as an online component called “myAI”, AquaIllumination is hinting that you’ll be able to control multiple groups of LED lights, over different tanks, with the click of the built-in remote in your pocket.*


    Just when we were noting that the New AI Controller was ostensibly missing any kind of scheme for on the fly color mixing with real-time light spectrum calculation, as perfectly executed by Ecotech’s Radion Configuration Utility and forthcoming Ecosmart Live cloud-based control of Radion lights. The revelation of the AI Director and accompanying myAI shows an iPhone showing exactly that, an option for color mixing and a spectrograph approximating a typical reef*aquarium*lighting spectrum.

    MyAI by the name of it sounds like it will be a cloud-like program for managing multiple reef aquarium light setups with cute names like “Master Bedroom” and “Front Lobby”, a potential very useful feature for operators of marine aquarium service companies. But how in the world will the New AI Controller communicate with the outside world to reach the AI Director and myAI online?

    Perhaps the New AI Controller has wireless read WiFi capabilities and will be able to get online by itself like the hardwired Digital Aquatics Lifeguard, or maybe the New AI Controller will communicate with a small USB dongle plugged into a net connected computer in your house. Which do you think is more likely? *Either way we’ll find out at MACNA in a few months. [AquaIllumination]
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