Afsal's tank

7 May 2007
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tank - 120X45X45
sump - 90X30x30
Lighting-5X54X T5s
2X39w T5s
+- 60Kg live rock
Fine coral sand

fish :- regal tang , yellow tang , clown surgeon , cleaner wrasse , african clown , maroon clown , blue spotted tamarin wrasse,lawnmower blenny

inverts - turbo snails , mated pair of coral banded shrimps

corals :-
soft - pin cushions , cabbage coral , various zoos , sinuleria , star polyps , elephant ears , mushrooms
lps - hammer , frogspawn , trumpet (3 colours)
sps - monti
1Xpurple tip anemone
candy coral will be fragged soon !!! any takers

That Fropgspawn Has Been Fragged If U Have Anything To Swop
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Afsal, please do all your frag swops in the classifieds section or by PM, thanks :) Would be nice to keep your thread nice and tidy :D
Tank is looking nice! What liverock is that?

Im in for the candy cane, PM me price.
looking nice afsal
That looks suspiciously like local worm rock you have there sir....
yes mr ej , its a local special but only some of it , the rest is from northlands
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just a very observant chap.
hey guys with regard to aquascaping , i dnt think it looks natural at all so pls help me guys ....
You need more rock, with more interesting shapes. More caves, and a more random pattern, not a big "U", if you understand my drift.
I know my aquascaping isn't the best, but have a look at an older pic of mine:

looking good Afsal, try getting hold of some flat rock and a couple pieces of ceramic and you will transform the aquascape.
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