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    centropyge-acanthops.png African flameback angelfish, Centropyge acanthops. Photo by Sabine Penisson

    Centropyge acanthops, the African Flameback Angelfish, is the latest species of captive bred angelfish to be announced by Reef Culture Technologies. *Yes…Frank has been extremely busy in 2011, so much so that he’s nailing the “species firsts” left and right. *The aspiring home Angelfish breeder is looking at a rapidly shrinking pool from which to attempt a “species first” of their own, especially in the Centropyge subgenus**Xiphypops.*Officially, Reef *Culture Technologies has nailed down two thirds of the species, first C. fisheri, then C. resplendens, followed by C. argi and now C. acanthops.

    This leaves only the golden and whitetailed pygmy angelfishes, Centropyge aurantonotus and*Centropyge flavicauda*out there, but frankly we wouldn’t be surprised if Frank Baensch beats you to them since both species have been occasionally available. *All of the Angelfish in the subgenus Xyphipops are among the smallest Centropyge species, and are generally thought to be among the most “reef-safe” angelfish owing to their largely herbivorous diets. *Given that viable *spawns can be had in downright small tanks, these angelfish still represent the best chances for a home breeder to emulate Frank Baensch’s success in the future.

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