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  1. Junaid Ismail

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    31 Aug 2015
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    Hi there
    Please advise me if you guys think it's a good idea if I start a marine tank with the red sea max 250

    I used to have fresh water fish but they used to die for some reason

    I really like marine aquariums but I'm worried about killing all the fish

    Please help. Is it difficult to maintain
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    17 Jan 2013
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    Marine fish are ten times more difficult to maintain than fresh water. Corals about 20 times harder. If you did not succeed with freshwater, I would not advise you to waste your money. I have a freshwater tank in my wife's study that I service once every two months (rinse the filters and top up the water, 10 minutes) whereas I service my marines at least once a week and spend at least an hour on each tank.
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    Just because you weren't successful with freshwater, it doesn't mean you can't be with marines. There is a lot of info that freshwater are easy, add fish to tap water and you good to go. But not all freshwater fish are the same. Some do require slightly more attention and then there's also the whole overstocking and compatibility thing.
    If you really want marines then do A LOT of research before taking the plunge. It's also good to visit other reefers and see how there tanks are set up.
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