Advice needed for bubbleblaster 3000

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    Hi guys, I am going to build another skimmer. The acrylic tube is 200 mm in diameter and the height from the bottom to the top where the foam goes over into the collection cup is 1000mm.
    I want to use a bubbleblaster pump HY-3000 and my question is, where to connect to pump inlet to the skimmer?
    If I do it to high, I am going to loose efficency and if i do it to low, the pump is not getting enough air intake.
    Anybody who is using the bubbleblaster 3000 and could help me with some measurements?
    Also, what diameter should be the contact pipe in the collection cup?
    70, 80 or 90mm?
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    Mmmm, 1000mm could be a bit too much for the HY-3000, I know water levels and back pressures are critical on these pump.

    Perhaps make 2 skimmer 500mm high?

    Well with the Hy5000 the dia of the neck is 150mm, so I would say 90-110 for the hy-3000, but that only a guess.

    I've actually got a similar problem, 2 of the 3 pumps (OTP 2000) on my mothers TS4 have packed in, so I was also thinking HY-3000 / HY-5000?

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