Advice needed about fish and current in tank

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Boyu TL 550, 28 Apr 2011.

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    my clowns swim the whole tank full when my wave maker/fan is off but as soon as i put my wave maker/fan on they seem to find a conner at the bottom of the tank or between the live rock and stay there till the fan is off? when fan is on and switched off the look very tired lol and need a few minutes to recover before wiggling around again.

    Should i switch the fan off at night? is there a way of controlling the power of flow?

    What should i do?

    Advise would be highly appreciated

    have a submersible pump 1400l/H and a sunsun wave maker/fan 3000l/H
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    Hi , they are new and if not eating greedily yet , rather put the extra flow on every now and again untill they are strong.
    they might ese too much energy swimming against the current if they are not making energy by eating well - try the ocean nutrician HUFA brine shrim with added vitimins.

    buy a timer for the power head and time it for every hour 25minits and off at night for now untill they look stronger.
    Theres no rule , but trial and error.
    the timmer can be used later for the lights once they are free swimming in the current.

    good luck

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