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    Hi Guys,

    I'm planning a new tank and need some guidance. The tank will be between 450-500 litres(1.5 meters or thereabouts).

    Will a Reeftek TS3 skimmer suffice(single OTP 3000 pump with n/w impeller)? Tank will be softy/LPS dominated, medium stocked..

    What size return pump should I aim for?

    Any recommendations on substrate? My current setup has a mixture of crushed coral and playsand. Looks fine, but very easily lifted by the magnetic glass cleaners, which then scratch the glass. My thoughts are to go with a more course substrate to avoid the problem, was thinking special grade fiji pink(1-2mm grain size)??
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    For what pump I would think a 3000l/h would do. As for the substrate don't go to course as it may trap food etc between the granuals causing havoc with nitrates. I would rather stick with what you got.
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    The TS3 is rated for 700l so will be good depending what filtration you are going for. If you are planning on going Bio Pellets or Cubes you may want to go a little bigger.

    It depends on a few factors such as height from pump to display, bends in your plumbing, running reactors off your return etc. Going for a variable pump such as the Waveline DC-7000 or DC-10000 would probably be good. I run a DC-10000 on my 400L but have two reactors running off the return.

    Special grade and fiji pink are two different products but you are on the right track going for an aragonite based product. Special grade which I use in my main display is a much coarser. I have Fiji Pink in my nano for the office and actually prefer it to the special grade. It all comes down to choice, I think the special grade is slightly cheaper. You will get detritus build up in the special grade if you have insufficient flow.
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