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26 Jun 2007
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Victory Park, JHB
Hey gang,

was just wondering about something, i was fortunate enough to be be given a complete setup of Pure Reef Supplements, like the whole lot, by Reefer and Midasblenny at reef meeting end of last year. i used em while i still had my nano im setting up my cube. the question is this, seeing they hav been standing for like 6-8 months now. will these additives still be good to use on my new system even after standing for so long. or do they go "off" after a certain period of time?

Good question I also have some stuff lying aroiund for about that time...
Good question,

I still have a full bottle of calcium, That was the first batch that Robin made, it has been standing for about 5 years
is there an expirey date on it?
Additives should be fine indefinitely.

Worst case is certain additives might lose a bit of effectivity (i.e. not as concentrated) but they will not have any negative effects on your system.
ok sweet, thats good know. thanx Palmerc, much appreciate it. your wisdom is always a help and a pleasure to read :rockon:
good stuff, would hav been bit sad if i had to chuck out all that stuff if it had gone off, the bottles are basically all full. prob about ten mils been used from each bottle
ye flip.tell me about.would not hav been a happy reefer if i did or if i had 2.
test kits im pretty sure do expire, i think u can use em but they will probbaly be alot less accurate once they expire tho. best to check the the gurus
Test kits do expire and will usually read negative/low if they are off. So you may be testing for nitrates and pick up nothing and so you think all is well. Meanwhile the test kit is expired.

I'd stick with the expiry dates of the manufacturers. A couple months over expiry date shoud not be too much of a problem either.
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