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    Hurricane Sandy is looking like it will score a direct hit on the east coast of the USA Tuesday morning. *I’ve been getting lots of great tips from viewers for ways to prepare yourself for the storm and I’ve rounded my favorite ones for you below. *Regardless of if you will be affected by the hurricane, these tips are great pieces of advice for being prepared for a tank emergency.

    #1: *If you have a generator, make sure you ONLY run the generator outside your house. *Seems like common knowledge, and I don’t want someone killing their tank, themselves or their family because they overlooked this fact. (Thanks Fernando for keeping us safe!)

    #2:* Lots of viewers are reporting that generators are already sold out so don’t forget that you can get a power inverter that will let you run air bubbles, heaters and maybe even your return pump off your car’s battery. Even if your car’s battery runs down, you can recharge it by idling your car. *I realize idling a car to recharge a battery isn’t environmentally friendly, and we’re dealing with an emergency situation. *Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do. *(Thanks Kris for the power inverter tip)

    #3: *Computer backup batteries (sometimes called APCs) can also be used in a pinch. *They won’t last forever, but they are better than nothing. (Thanks John for this idea)

    #4: *Dave reported that he used an APC during a power outage and ran powerheads and an air bubbler for several hours, then turned the APC off for several hours to conserve power. *He said he was able to make the APC last for 4 days this way. *Note:*If your tank is heavily stocked, you’ll want to limit the time the APC is turned off.

    #5: *If your local fish store doesn’t carry battery powered air bubblers, then any sporting good store that has fishing equipment will likely have a battery powered aerator for keeping live bait alive. *These work great and will last for several hours off D-cell or a car battery. (Lots of people suggested this one..too many to list!)

    Finally, if you missed the link to download my tank emergency checklist, here it is again.

    Stay safe everyone and feel free to keep us updated on my Facebook page for how the storm is affecting you

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