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8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
howzit guys.was looking at a bigger water turnover in my return at the moment is a 6000lph return planning on adding a second return pump which is lying around.the pump is a king4 will be appreciated for advice on the direcion of the flow using the second pump (plumbing again sheesh).ive added a diagram to show you guys what the setup is like at the moment.thaks crew
I would put it in the middle of the tank blowing slightly off centre towards the left and right front corners of the tank.

I would run it this way with a SCWD to get nice random flow, however increasing th flow over your DSB might not be the best thing to do
ah Kanga, great minds think alike, even though your arrows are a bit cockeye :D
No, the SCWD will actually decrease the flow slightly. It will alternate the flow between left and right.
was also thinking along those lines.sounds cool guys.the SCWD obviously will increase flow,correct?

No actually decreases you flow slightly.

Mhh Viper the cockeyed arrows are to, eer uhm , add to the randomness of the flow? :lol:
Mekaeel, yes, Sqwds are awesome. I use one myself and have used on on a previous setup. There are a maximum flow you can push through the thing though.
What I did to increase my water flow was to upgrade the pipe I was using. What size pipe do you have currently ?
I went from 20mm to 25mm and the difference was huge and that is only on a 2800lph pump.
You should get something like the OR6000 and use 32 mm Pipe with a T piece on it. Seems like a lot of water to go through the sump though. Why not add some Big 'ol Seio's or Tunze's to your tank if you want to get more water flow.
mekeaal, i dont think its good for water too flow too quick over ur dsb.

Speak to milleporra (andrew) he would be the right guy to ask

also, i dont think you should have more water going through your sump than your skimmer can handle

below see what mille said about how a dsb works, it just seems that too much flow cant be good over it.

Water moves through the sand via attraction. The water surface is negatively charged while the bulk of the tanks water is mostly positively charged, the sand bed is again negatively charged, therefore water defuses through the sand as positive charges are attracted to negative charges
did u get the resun wavemaker yet ??? that will help flow tremendously
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