Adding fish

11 Oct 2021
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Hi, so I have 2 clowns in my 500 cube nano.

The list of fish I'd like to add are :
1 blue green chromis
1 dotty back
1 blue damsel
1 anthias

So my question is, will this list be compatible? Or are there some alternative fish I could replace from the list above?

Some damsils are ok...I have azure damsils and they mind their own bussiness
Agree with @Dexter , depends on the actual species. Chrysiptera damsels are ok, most others not. Dottybacks the same, bicolour one is evil, but orchard dottybacks are quite mellow and shy.
Had a springer damsel that didn't read the script, it's he's fault I've labeled them lol.
For nano tanks aggression would be more of a problem due to space and territories being in close proximity, so choose wisely (I didn't)
My azure damsils are actually very interisting to observe. Think I have 5 or 6. And each if them stay in their own little space. Each have a small area they protect
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