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    Th ADA AquaSky Moon LED is the second generation of the solid state lighting fixture from venerable freshwater planted aquarium company, Aqua Design Amano. The AquaSky Moon introduces refined styling of the fixture and its stand, brighter LED diodes and an optional mirror attachment that offers and interesting front-facing top down view of the aquarium’s water surface below the striplight.

    The most obvious new feature of the AquaSky Moon LED is the frosted appearance of its surrounding acrylic and supported stand – this opaque new look reduces the over-glossy look of the original fixture and imparts a finer material appeal overall. The frosted appearance is also what imparts a “moon like glow which is where the AquaSky Moon LED gets its name.

    [​IMG]Secondly, the new AquaSky Moon LED is slightly larger and includes more and brighter LED for an overall light output that is up to 50% brighter than the original AquaSky LED. No dimming, timing or multicolor, multichannel LED options to be found here but if you were hoping for an LED light with a mirror, the AquaSky Moon is the light for you.

    The optional mirror attachment for the AquaSky Moon LED attaches to the backside of the fixture acting as a kind of reflector for that half of the spilled light, but mostly it’s there to give the viewer an interesting top down view of the planted aquarium while still looking at the aquarium from the front. Is a top-down viewing mirror a gimmicky add-on for an LED light? You betcha, but in ADA’s application it also looks cool as heck, even though water spray is sure to diminish the perfect look of this mirror in short time.

    [​IMG]ADA is a company that is built on a foundation of aesthetics so it’s not a surprise that they would create such a pretty LED striplight with minimum functionality, but ultimately makes a nature aquarium look incredible. The ADA AquaSky Moon LED starts shipping middle of this month and price range from ¥15,000 ($126.40) for a 30cm fixture up to ¥29,000 ($244) for a 60cm fixture with the optional mirror accessory. [ADA]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]  [​IMG]

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