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    The ADA Aquasky that captured our heart with its sheer elegance back in May, is now no longer just focused at the smallest of aquariums. The new line up of ADA Aquasky LEDs now will also come in a 45 cm (17 in) and 60 cm (23 in) models rather than just the original 30 cm and 38 cm models. The new line up of ADA Aquasky include the Aquasky 451, Aquasky 601 and the Aquasky 602.

    The ADA Aquasky 451 (45cm model) and ADA 601 will have the same basic design as the original Aquasky models with three rows of 0.4 watt LEDs. The ADA Aqusky 602 is the “twin” version of the ADA Aquasky 601 which we assume means it has two strips in the same housing. It is possible to instal up to three Aquasky fixtures on a single 60cm ADA aquarium.

    The Aquasky602 fixture is scheduled to release in mid September, so expect them to show up at your favorite ADA dealer around that time. Pricing is not yet available, but considering the reasonable pricing of the original line up of ADA Aquasky fixtures we don’t expect them to be mindbogglingly expensive.

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