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    ADA-Aquasky-LED.jpg ADA Aquasky LED

    The ADA AquaSky LED that was first flaunted couple weeks ago is getting closer to reach with estimated pricing and availability dates. We’ve been informed that wholesale pricing for the AquaSky LED has just been released by Aqua Design Amano and their global network of distributors is just beginning to be allowed to place orders for the AquaSky.

    Exact pricing for the AquaSky is still subject to international shipping, customs and other duties and costs of doing business but for now it’s pretty certain that in the U.S. the AquaSky LED will come in under $200 at full retail pricing.*Of course something like a 19 watt Panorama Pro LED from Ecoxotic is only about $90, available now, comes in different colors and so on – but this is ADA we’re talking about! $200 or less for ADA’s first, dare we say ‘historic’, LED light – even if it is only 17 watts – will be a small price to pay to be in the ADA AquaSky LED club.
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