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    ADA-Aquasky-LED.jpg ADA Aquasky LED

    The ADA Aquasky LED is the sexy, svelte metal and glass LED light we always hoped that Aqua Design Amano would make. Last out of the gate for aquarium LED lights only means that ADA really took the time to get the ADA Aquasky LED right, even the stand holding up the Aquasky LED is perfect to look at.*The 17 watt ADA Aquasky LED uses 30 x 0.4 watt LEDs with a color temperature of 7,000 to 8,000 Kelvin and it measures 280 x 68 x 9mm (11 x 2.7 x 0.35 inches). The elegant clear stand for the ADA Aquasky LED comes in a few different sizes depending on which cube garden aquarium you want to set it on.

    The ADA Aquasky LED will be released in June for an as yet undisclosed price but don’t think for a second that this Japanese nano LED as ADA products are known for their stratospheric cost. Even if the ADA Aquasky LED is designed for growing freshwater plants with a warm color temperature, we hold hope that this light could be easily supplemented, and/or the design will be the ‘inspiration’ for reef LED lights in the future. [ADA]
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