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    The Blue PowerLED for Eheim Aquastyle nano aquariums that was first teased last fall has gotten the green light for production and we will soon see these in three flavors. Eheim is currently testing and evaluating the PowerLED in three new color combination; one with all blue diodes, another with a third blue and two thirds white diodes as in the image above, and the one which will probably be most popular with California-style reefers, a PowerLED with two thirds blue and one third white diodes.

    The Powerled Actinic/Blue will be*officially*unveiled at InterZoo 2012 in Germany this May and it is expected to start shipping in early summer. The Eheim Aquastyle nano aquariums have been a huge hit in aquarium stores around the world, and no doubt the availability of a few shades of blue in their PowerLED will push more marine aquarists to consider the Aquastyle Nano for their smaller reef aquarium needs.
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