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    The Actinic PowerLED that was first spotted at MACNA last fall has finally gotten the green light from Eheim. The PowerLED will be made in an all blue Actinic flavor with an emission peak around 450nm, so pretty close to royal blue as well as a PowerLED ‘BWB’, a blue-white-blue version with the same blue light peak but with a little white light to balance it all out.

    If you are a current owner of an Eheim AquaStyle aquarium it will be literally a snap to add on one of these blue-white-blue or Actinic PowerLED ‘bulbs’ to your existing setup. The new blue PowerLED will cost about $20 more than the regular white version, so about $119 for the whole PowerLED kit with power supply, suspension and lamp or about $99 for the standalone lamp, be it the full Actinic PowerLED or the BWB PowerLED. Lookout for the blue PowerLED lights to become available at retail stores around September, a few more pics of each lamp after the break.*


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