12 Mar 2008
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Cape Town
I’m sceptical about pretty much any new aquarium product. No matter how shiny the bottle is, it’s going to take a while before I am sold on something and it gets added to my cupboard of tried and trusted marine must haves. In the past I would throw money at any and all new products; in recent years though I have become a lot more reluctant to shell out hard earned money on something that may turn out to be nothing more than a bottle of empty promises.
You can only imagine my reaction when I got hold of a bottle of AcroPower. Besides the extremely vague dosing instructions, 5ml/25 gallons at least once a week, it also makes the outlandish claim of: “corals become more colourful within days”. Everyone knows nothing good in this hobby happens that fast, so how could Mr Sprung place that claim on the bottle? Seeing as all the other products Two Little Fishies sell are good quality and work, should I suspect this one to be different…


A bit about the product: AcroPower is an amino acid supplement that apparently helps SPS coral growth. In boosting coral growth, it will in theory improve colouration. The bottle isn’t very informative, no list of ingredients, no health warnings and vague instructions. To make matters worse AcroPower is a totally clear colourless liquid. Not that it matters but unless it has a colour or at least see some sort of cloudiness/sediment, it feels like I’m adding nothing.
Seeing as I’ve never dosed amino acids I decided it best to start off dosing slowly, using a mere 5ml/100l once a week. After a few days, there was absolutely zero change. No better growth, no colour changes. Slightly annoyed at the lack of results after a whole week, I had no other choice but to double the dose.
Week two started with the same dose on Monday and another dose on Thursday. On the Saturday of week two, during my normal tank cleaning day, certain things started to stand out. My green slimmer looked a little bit furrier than normal. It appeared somewhat greener than it had been in a while. Similarly, other acros looked a lot happier than normal. My one boring brown stick had developed polyps and a hint of purple! Others I had often overlooked were actually looking great, with happy extended polyps and nice bright colours. Perhaps the promise of a change in days was true and the fault lay in my under dosing. What I was most pleased with was that I was noticing increased colour and polyp extension in the middle of the day and not after a feeding or with only blue lights on.


Does AcroPower work on non SPS? Besides the stony corals, the most noticeable improvement has been my zoas. Their colours are more vivid and they look much plumper. I haven’t seen any changes in my LPS...yet. Im on week four now and things are still looking good. Oddly enough my Montiporas are taking their time to show results. I can see a slight change in my digis, while my red plating monti is still as dull as it’s been for months.


"Yellow" Stylo

This product will be added to my must-have cupboard, a fitting place seeing as it doesn’t need refrigeration. After adding the product it doesn’t seem to affect anything like KH, pH, or skimmer. True to the label, it doesn’t cause any spike in nutrients or an increase in algae growth. It will be interesting to see the long term results. Chasing 0 and running your tank on a knife edge to colour up your corals … perhaps all you really require is AcroPower. Maybe you won’t see results in day, but this stuff works and you need it.



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