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    Acropora insignis is an interesting staghorn Acro which was one of*the must-have stony corals back in the day when the selection was much more limited. Acro Insignis has been obscured by more showy species in the recent past but ORA has an interesting strain which they are now bringing to the masses.

    The Ant Insignis is an*Acropora insignis*which ORA has been growing from a colony that was discovered at Ant Atoll, “a pristine uninhabited atoll near Pohnpei in the Caroline Islands”. The Ant Insignis is grown in the wild, maricultured, and then shipped to ORA for captive conditioning and distribution to LFS.

    We’ve always loved*Acropora insignis for its fast growth, regular branching pattern and relatively neat texture. Most notable about this species if the dark colored radial corallites on the lightly colored coenosteum, the tissue between, giving the staghorn branches of Ant Insignis a mildly spotted pattern.

    ORA’s Acropora insignis appears to be mostly light colored, with cream-green radial corallites and a beautiful pink tip which should be easy to maintain and grow in “average” medium energy reef aquariums; a flow and light-heavy aquarium is not a prerequisite to make the Acropora insignis grow well.*[ORA]


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