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General terms :-

AFAIK: As Far As I Know
ATB: All The Best
BB: Bulletin Board
BTW: By The Way
BRB: Be Right Back
CBA: Can't Be A****
DKW: Don't Know Why
FWIW: For What It's Worth
FYI: for your information
HTH: Hope That Helps
IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
IME: In My Experience
IMHO: In My Honest Opinion
IMO: In My Opinion
IYO: In Your Opinion
JMHO: Just My Honest Opinion
LOL: Laughs Out Loud
NP: No Problem
PITA: Pain In The Ass
PM: Personal Message
ROFLMAO: Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*** Off
SIC: Spelt InCorrectly
(sp?): spelling?
TTT: To The Top (when bumping a thread)
YKW: You Know Who
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary

Reef terms:-

AM: Aquamedic - manufacturer
BTA: bubble tipped anemone
CBB: Copper Band Butterflyfish
CGA: Coral Garden Aquatics - shop
CUC: Clean Up Crew
DE: Double ended - type of halide lamp
DI: DeIonised
DSB: Deep Sand Bed
FM: Fauna Marin
FO: Fish Only
FOWLR: Fish Only With Live Rock
FW: Fresh Water
GPH: Gallons Per Hour
HLLE: Head and Lateral Line Erosion - fish disease
HOB: Hang-On Back - hang-on skimmer
IO: Instant Ocean - salt
K: Kelvin
LFS: Local Fish Shop
LMB: Lawn Mower Blenny
LPH: Litres Per Hour
LPS: Large Polyped Stoney - hard coral
LR: Live Rock
LS: Live Sand
MA: Maidenhead Aquatics (wyevale center) - shop
MH: Metal Halide - light
MJ: Maxi Jet - powerhead
MM: Miracle Mud
NMHT: New Member Help Team
NO: Normal Output - Fluorescent Tube
NSW: Natural Sea Water
ON: Ocean Nutrition - fish food
OR: Ocean Runner - pump
O3: Ozone
PAR: Photosynthetically Available Radiation - useful light to coral
PB: Powder Blue Tang - fish
PC: Power Compact - fluorescent tube
P/H: power head
PPM: Parts per Million
PPT: Parts per Thousand
RBTA: Rose Bubble Tipped Anemone
RC: Reef Central - forum
RO: Reverse Osmosis
RP: Reef Park - forum
RTN: Rapid Tissue Necrosis - coral disease
SE: Single Ended - type of halide lamp
SFBB: San Francisco Bay Brand - frozen food
SG: Specific Gravity
sp: species
SPS: Small Polyped Stoney - hard coral
SSB: Shallow Sand Bed
STM: Sevenoaks Tropical Marine - shop
TBSW: Tampa Bay Salt Water - live rock
TDS: Total Dissolved Solids
TMC: Tropical Marine Centre - wholesale supplier
T5: Fluorescent Tube 5/8 of an inch in diameter
T8: Fluorescent Tube 8/8 of an inch in diameter
UDA: Ultimate Discount Aquatics - shop
UGF: Under Gravel Filtration
UR: Ultimate Reef - forum
UV: Ultra Violet
VHO: Very High Output - fluorescent tube
V: volts
W: watts
YT: Yellow Tang - fish

Basic Test Kits :-

pH: Potenz Hydrogen or potential hydrogen, the measure of acidity in solution.

O2: Oxygen, a measure of the oxygen concentration in solution.

NH3: Ammonia Nitrogen, the first toxic stage of the nitrogen cycle.

NO2: NitrIte, unstable form of nitrogen and the second stage of the nitrogen cycle.

NO3: NitrAte, final part of nitrogen cycle which denitrifies in anoxic conditions and turns into nitrogen gas N2.

PO4: Phosphate, an unwanted nutrient found in tap water etc that feeds slime and hair algaes.

KH: (K) carbonate hardness, the measure of hydrogen carbonate ions in solution.

Ca: Calcium, the substance from which invertebrates build their skeletal structures.

Mg: Magnesium, helps in the calcification process of invertebrates and is essential to balance Kh and Ca.

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SNAFU, or perahps K.I.S.S ?

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hi, just a few i borrowed from perhaps our gooroo's/ moderators could set up a sticky or something similer , also add and remove as they see fit. I just used what i thought may be relative , added 1 i thought definately should be there as well.:015:

AC Activated carbon, chemical filtration media / alternating current
ACA All-Glass Aquarium, Aquarium manufacturer
ATS All-Glass Aquarium, Aquarium manufacturer
BOD Biological oxygen demand
CC Counter current, type of protein skimmer
CTA Cellulose triacetate, type of RO membrane
cyano Cyanobacteria
DC Direct current
DD Downdraft, type of protein skimmer
DI Deionisation, type of water purification
DIY Do it yourself
DSB Deep Sand Bed
FO Fish only
FOWLR Fish only with live rock
FW Freshwater
HO High output fluorescent light
HQI Mercury (Hg) Quartz Iodide, a type of metal halide lamp
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IR Infrared
kalk Kalkwasser, German for calcium hydroxide solution or limewater
LFS Local fish store
LHS Local hardware store
LPS Large polyped Scleractinian (stoney) coral
LR Live rock
LS Live sand

MASA:blue::notworthy:Marine Aquariums South Africa
MH Metal halide light
NO Normal output fluorescent light
NSW Natural seawater
PC Power compact fluorescent light / personal computer
PH Powerhead, water pump
PVC Poly vinyl chloride, used for piping / plumbing
RO Reverse osmosis, type of water purification
RO/DI Reverse osmosis, followed by deionisation, type of water purification
RR Reef ready, aquaria with pre-drilled holes and overflows
RTN Rapid tissue necrosis, protozoal infection of corals; can be rapidly fatal if not treated
SG Specific gravity
SPS Small polyped Scleractinian (stoney) coral
SW Saltwater / seawater
TFC Thin film composite, type of RO membrane
TWP Tap Water Purifier from Aquatic Pharmaceuticals
UGF Undergravel filter
UV Ultra violet light
VHO Very high output fluorescent light
W/D Wet-dry (a method of aquarium filtration)
WD Wet-dry (a method of aquarium filtration)


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This is good info for the newbies :thumbup: cool man!

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