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8 May 2007
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Acquasole is a new line of high end italian glass aquariums coming soon to America from CoralVue. The aquariums in the Acquasole line are made by NG Tank of Italy and feature a wide range of familiar tank sizes and dimensions.

The design of Acquasole tanks and cabinets bear an uncanny resemblance to Elos Aquariums, at least in pictures, and CoralVue uses the same stock photos of Elos aquariums for the Acquasole product page. The name Elos is ‘Sole’ backwards, which is Italian for Sun, so ‘Acquasole’ is clearly a play on the name of the original maker of fine glass aquariums.

Acquasole 60 on the left, Elos SystemMidi on the right

Even the dimensions of the Elos SystemMidi and Acquasole Aquarium System 60 are completely identical. So the introduction of the new Acquasole aquariums is more than a case of mere flattery, and we suspect that the Acquasole tanks are coming from the same Italian factory that Elos gets their tanks from. It’s a head-scratcher why the U.S. distributor of Elos products would offer an aquarium identical to Elos tanks, surely there’s an interesting back-story there.

Additionally, the price of the Acquasole tanks listed on the CoralVue website are actually more expensive than Elos aquariums. However the tanks are now listed for sale directly from CoralVue, and a ‘Free Shipping’ option appeared when we went through checkout. So perhaps the higher price tag of Acquasole aquariums is meant to include shipping in the United States.

Despite the Acquasole aquariums tightly shadowing the Elos brand, perhaps this line of aquariums will eventually blossom into its own product catalog and this first offering is an easier way to enter the market. Either way, having more choice and availability of high end glass tanks can only be a good think for consumers, and we look forward learning more about the Acquasole aquariums from CoralVue.
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