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    Two Little Fishies had a few exciting things to unveil at the Global Pet Expo. *The most notable was their foray into premade saltwater in 5-gallon containers with AccuraSea NSW. The Accurasea branded saltwater is a nice addition, especially for nano-reef hobbyists who could benefit from the convenience when doing frequent water changes.

    Two Little Fishies are also releasing 5-gallon sized concentrates of their popular C-Balance Calcium/Alkalinity additive. To save shipping costs, the concentrates take up only a small volume of the 5 gallon container. The hobbyist simply fills the rest of the container with RO/DI for a perfect batch. A/B supplementation is definitely gaining more market with the recent availability of quality dosing pumps. These 5 gallon-sized offerings make great sense.

    For those that love their VeggieMags, they just got better with an added *static-cling coating to the outside magnet which means it stays put while you remove and reload the submerged veggie clip with more nori. *Fixing a minor annoyance with a simple solution is brilliant but it’s not surprising from Julian Sprung. A simple review of Two Little Fishies’*product catalog affirms that he is a hobbyist like the rest of us, and making products he would love to use himself is a good business strategy.

    One more item of interest is their substrate line. The “Outstanding Selections” line of substrates were announced last year, but there were some issues bringing it to market. Those obstacles are a thing of the past, and it should be available soon. There’s a plain aragonite *substrate available, but the dark mineral rich substrate is noteworthy. Both substrates are packaged wet and biologically active. *Judging from Julian’s personal refugium and the lagoon system at Two Little Fishies’ Heaquarters, there’s no doubt the darker sand looks good while offering trace element rich substrate for Mangroves, *Sea grasses, and attractive macroalgae.

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