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8 May 2007
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After more than two decades in business, Two Little Fishies is finally getting into the business of selling a salt mix. There has been a proliferation of sea salt mixes from seemingly every manufacturer under the sun, and many if not most of those are just relabelled, repackaged buckets and 50 gallon bags of salt mix.We were first able to share the news of AccuraSea 1 nearly a year ago but with fully completed packaging for their new salt mix, Two Little Fishies is just about reeady to unleash their new salt on the world.

With so many different companies vying for you to buy their salt mix, Two Little Fishies has a very compelling reason for reef aquarists to consider using AccuraSea 1 as their first choice. The case for using AccuraSea 1 really rests upon consistency, you see, because AccuraSea 1 is only packaged in small increments.

Whether you get a 50 gallon or a 200 gallon box, each 4.5 or 20 gallon bag  of AccuraSea 1 is expertly blended to ensure that your seawater mixes up perfectly every, single, time. With such precise homogeneity in each pouch of AccuraSea 1, you may not even need to measure the salinity of each seawater mix, provided you used an accurate tool to measure the volume of the starting water.

We have great confidence that not only is Two Little Fishies using very high quality ingredients in their AccuraSea 1 salt mix, but that over time reef aquarists will experience the benefit of having individually packaged small-batch sea salt mix. AccuraSea 1 is expected to become widely available in 50 and 200 gallon boxes at which time we will all get to test Julian Sprung’s years of effort to develop this concept of aquarium sea salt mix.

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